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Note: there is no separate registration for GCAC elementary track & field or cross country - just register and show up for practice!

GCAC Apparel / Gear

We are very excited to share what Hannah Gildersleeve has coordinated; a Grove City Athletics Club clothing order with Hi Branding Inc.  All are welcome to order!

If you would like to have the items by the first SRU Indoor track meet on Jan. 22, 2023, the ORDER IS DUE: Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Ordering Directions Below:


The above picture are the GCAC Catalog. Our website is currently under construction, so we are sending you a PDF and an order form. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please call if you have any questions and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Below are 2 Ways to order:

You can either order by phone or by email.

If ordering by phone, please call 724-264-5526 10am-7pm Monday through Friday.  Please have your catalog and credit card handy to help make the process go smoothly. If no one is available, please leave your name and number and we will call you back as soon as possible.

If submitting your order by email, first, view the above catalog. Each item is numbered by row/column. Then, email khovis@hibrandinginc.com for the editable Excel order form. After recieving it, open the editable Excel File order document. Find the corresponding number of the desired item on the form, and then enter the quantity in the size field of the item that you are selecting.  If completing the form from your iPhone, you may need to save the file in Google Drive or similar and then you will need to open Google Sheets to add the information with your keypad. Android users need only open in Sheets to edit the file. Only enter numeric digits as the order form will automatically tabulate the prices and will give you a total. Make sure to fill out your name and other information at the bottom of the form. Save your file under a new name - retitle it with your first and last name. When completed, send the order form to khovis@hibrandinginc.com and you can either submit payment by VENMO to @Kristen-Hovis-1 or you can call 724-264-5526 for credit card transactions. If using Venmo, please make sure to add your name and GCAC to the transaction memo with payment.

Orders will be processed when payment is received.

You have 2 options for receiving your order:

1) You can pick up the order after it is ready from Building #4 at the Hovis Distribution Center (located just past the Grove City Prime Outlets) - 1000 Champion Dr, Mercer, PA 16137.

2) You can pay to have your order shipped to your home for $5-10 (based on weight of order).

Please call with any questions.

Thank you,

Kristen Hovis

Hi Branding Inc.





**If you have questions, contact Kristen Hovis, Hi Branding Inc., khovis@hibrandinginc.com, 724-264-5526, or email: GroveCityAC@gmail.com

GCAC Volunteer Coach Required Background Checks

These policies are instituted in an effort to keep your children safe.  Below is directly from our approved GCAC by-laws:



 a. Background Clearances

  i. Anyone working directly in a coaching capacity within any GCAC youth program (e.g., elementary cross country practices, elementary track and field practices) are required to successfully pass the following two background checks:

1. Act 34 (Pennsylvania State Police – Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History)

   a. Website: https://epatch.pa.gov

   b. Click: New Record Check (Volunteers Only) – this should be free.

   c. Email a copy to GroveCityAC@gmail.com and also present the certificate to the GCAC Secretary.

2. Act 151 (Child Abuse – Pennsylvania Child Welfare Information Solution)

   a. Website: https://www.compass.state.pa.us/cwis

   b. Create Individual Account or Individual Login (if you already have one)

   c. Reason: Volunteer – Other – Grove City Athletics Club (this process should be free)

   d. Email a copy to GroveCityAC@gmail.com and also present the certificate to the GCAC Secretary.

    3. Exception: These two above clearances may be substituted with proof of current USA Track & Field (USATF) “Coaches Registry and Safe Sport” certification, which requires a national background check.

   a. Website: http://www.usatf.org/Resources-for---/Coaches/Coaches-Registry/Coaches-Registry.aspx

   b. Email a copy to GroveCityAC@gmail.com and also present the certificate to the GCAC Secretary.

  ii. Background clearances must be validated/repeated every five years for each individual.

  iii. Background clearances are not required to volunteer at GCAC youth competitions (e.g., cross country races, track and field meets, road races, etc.) as private one-on-one interaction with youth at these events is unlikely.


  b. First Aid and CPR Certification

  i. Current First Aid/CPR certification is required for all “head” GCAC youth coaches.

  ii. The “head” coach should make sure that a First Aid/CPR certified individual is present when he/she is absent.


  c. Coaching Code of Ethics

  i. All coaches and volunteers agree to abide by the RRCA “Coaching Code of Ethics”.

1. Website: https://www.rrca.org/our-programs-services/programs/coaching-program/ethics

    2. Coaching Standards: Competence, Integrity, Professional Responsibility, Respect for Participants and Dignity, Concern for Others’ Welfare, Coaches Do Not Misuse Their Influence, Responsible Coaching, and Resolving Ethical Issues.

  ii. Coaches or volunteers found breaking this code or behaving inappropriately otherwise may be dismissed from coaching/volunteering duties and/or the GCAC by majority vote of the Board.


d. Coaching Certifications

  i. While not required, anyone working within the youth programs are encouraged to attain a coaching certification such as USA Track and Field (https://www.usatf.org) or the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) Coaching Certification (https://www.rrca.org/our-programs-services/programs/coaching-program).


e. The Secretary will maintain these certificates and update a list of GCAC members passing these clearances/certifications, including expiration dates of each.


The Grove City Athletics Club (GCAC) is organized to provide a structured group for the purpose of promoting running, walking, track & field, and healthy lifestyles within our community. 

Note: outside of the U.S., the term “Athletics” is a collection of sporting events that involve competitive running, jumping, throwing, and walking.


On March 1, 2018, "the meeting of the Grove City Running/T&F Minds" occurred discussing one complex idea.  They planned on starting a non-profit community Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) / USA Track & Field (USATF) club that would cater to youth, recreational adults, families, walkers, and serious athletes.  Activities would include things such as group training runs, elementary programs, group track speed workouts, cookouts/social events, supported relay races, athlete scholarships, etc.  Coach Brian Buchan had previously created the "Grove City Running Club" for elementary cross country, but we wanted to expand.  The idea was simple – pool all of the available resources in the Grove City (PA) area and make it a thriving running/T&F community for youth and adults. The formation of the Grove City Athletics Club was the result. 

Now, we want you to be involved!

Logo History

Contact Us

For more information about the Grove City Athletics Club, contact us at GroveCityAC@gmail.com

GCAC Board Members

Dr. Seth Jenny

President & Head Coach

Cara Rumbaugh


Hannah Gildersleeve

Treasurer & Adult Group Run Coordinator

Mandie Buxton


S. Mark Courtney

At-large Board Member

GCAC Volunteer Coaches

Seth Jenny

USATF Level 2 Coach (Youth Specialization)

Ryan Wells

USATF Cross Country Specialist Coach

Angie Jenny

Former XC/Track athlete at Grove City College

Hannah Gildersleeve

Boston Marathon Qualifier

Marnie Brooks

Chuck Jaskowak

Former NCAA D1 Javelin thrower (U of FL)

Dorene Powell

Cara Rumbaugh

Former XC/Track athlete at Grove City College

Nicole Gardner

Mandie Buxton

Grove City Middle School Track & Field Coach

Evan Guiney

Former Collegiate Distance Runner

Kristen Slivka

Shannon Baker

Chrissy Hayes

Former Track & Field Jumper

Rachel Verbois

Jen Hindman

Physical Therapist

Curt Buckley

Jillian Stringfellow

While not all of our coaches are listed here - thank you to all who have helped!!!

**We would love to have you as a Volunteer Coach too!  No experience necessary; only a background check is required (see above tab);  If interested, email GroveCityAC@gmail.com 

Some Past GCAC Volunteer Coaches

Brodie Whitley

Rachel & Charlie Mullins

Renae Shawgo

Megan Nash